Sinnob Gear Release the New Colour

Sinnob Gear Release the New Colour

Who does not know Sinnob. For those who like to bike modification, Sinnob such goods shall be redeemed to enhance your vehicle. Why? because in addition to boost perfomance, racing gear set is indeed attract attention due to their colors are eye catching and colorfull. And most recently, now Sinnob Gear has released Gold Racing type … !!

Sinnob has added the new color collection of gear polyurethane material with gold color. Yup .. sure your motorcycle will be more cool because of the chain to the next gear gold whitewash. For the price still the same with another color. This means there is no golden boy. Example, in Honda New megapro. Sinnob premium priced removable 400 thousand and comfort 375 thousand. So did Honda Tiger. Normal price in the market premium type 700 thousand and comfort 600 thousand. what about the other. Sinnob gear set offers almost all brands. Only specific for variant Ninja250r, KLX150, Yamaha Byson, Minerva Megelli and TVS Apache have to wait one week. because of limited stock

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Sinnob Gear Release the New Colour, Well, what is the difference beetwen Sinnob type premium and comfort. Why premium is more expensive??. Well …. according to My friend IwanBanaran. Differences exist only premium than comfort in its chain. Premium is equipped brand DID or Daytona. Medium comfort using KMC. From brand are different … so it’s why the price is also not same. Interested? please visit the store nearest variation. No heat generated, no vibration and noise and will you feel more powerful than the usual gear set.

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