Takegawa Desmo 4V Bore-Up Kit: Special Racing Part from Takegawa Japan

Well, Takegawa Desmo 4V Bore-Up Kit that is most special. In addition to already 4 valve, DOHC, also the mechanism used in Desmo systems such as Ducati bikes. This system will prevent the exhaust valve and suction collided at high speed. The mechanism is the valve will open after punched the camshaft ridges that connect the trigger valve and will be closed after pulled by another trigger valve but its still on the camshaft.

Takegawa Desmo 4V

Therefore somewhat different from the conventional DOHC camshaft such as in prevoius article. This mechanism does not require per valve again, only Per to reverse trigger to its initial position. So the engine load is lighter, higher engine speed and power even greater

This article is continued from Takegawa +R Superhead 4 Valve Bore Up Kits: Special Racing Part from Takegawa Japan, hope usefull

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