Takegawa +R Superhead 4 Valve Bore Up Kits: Special Racing Part from Takegawa Japan

Hello all, Takegawa is a racing parts manufacturer from Japan which concern making racing parts for small bikes like a minimoto. Some of its base engine similar to Honda Monkey and the Honda Super Cub using C-100 engine. Or KLX110 and KSR 110 recently in launching Kawasaki Indonesia, its base engine is similar to the Kawasaki kaze, blitz until the edge 110.

takegawa superhead

Well, why racing part is so special?? because practically no market, if during this part levers of power only bore-up kit, Takegawa manufacturers make a special again. Of course more advanced technologies more expensive price. Well here are some special parts that are found

Well this is one package bore up for Kawasaki KSR, KLX 110 where the base engine is similar to the 110 cc bikes like Kawasaki kaze, blitz until the edge 110. This kit bore up from 125cc, 138 cc to 178 cc. While still SOHC cylinder head but had to apply four valves, two suction valves and two exhaust valves. The mechanism is similar to Yamaha Vixion or Jupier MX where the trigger branched for punching 2valve . In combination with the other part turns out the power generated can be moch more.

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